Exploding Portraits Created using Paper and Glue by Lola Dupre


Exploding Portraits Created using Paper and Glue by Lola Dupre. Spanish artist and illustrator Lola Dupre creates these exploding portraits using paper and glue. The pictures are constructed from iconic portraits sourced within popular culture, manipulated and re-imagined in an … Read More

Surreal Street Art by Etam Cru

AlexArt, Street Art

Polish artists Sainer and Bezt, better known as Etam Cru, recently painted another fantastic mural on the streets of Richmond, for the local Richmond Mural Project. Surreal Street Art by Etam Cru:

Collage Artist Joe Castro

AlexArt, Illustrations

Joe Castro is an accomplished Philadelphia based collage artist, musician (The Lift Up), oil painter & graphic designer. His paintings and collages have been shown in galleries and art spaces across the United States, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom. … Read More

Intricate Pencil Drawings by Mercedes Helnwein


“A writer as well as visual artist, Mercedes Helnwein does not so much tell stories or even capture moments in her drawings as she triggers possibilities—the possibilities being vaguely unlikely, vaguely unsavory, and not-so-vaguely menacing, rather like inverse Magrittes. Helnwein’s … Read More