Stunning Digital Surreal Art By Mikhail Batrak


Mikhail Batrak is a Ukrainian craftsman whose work considers the connection between discernment, surrealism and experimentation. His imaginative procedure includes capturing with an advanced camera and overseeing comes about utilizing PC programming, consolidating different components to make unforeseen half and … Read More

Photos of Amazing Paper Art


Photos of Amazing Paper Art. Besides their stunning mastery of paper, these works grabbed our attention because of how they changed our perspective on paper. Many of us have some form of paper or another within hand’s reach most of … Read More

Mind Blowing Examples of Mermaid Art

AlexArt, Digital Art

Mermaid has been a mythical and legendary creature in culture for thousands of years. Today the artist continues the legends in various forms, esp. in fantasy art, where it often appears in fairy tale, emotional girl, or warrior.

Positive Emotion Street Art by Alex Senna

AlexArt, Street Art

The languid formats of Brazilian street artist and muralist Alex Senna, protagonists seek balance on calculated doses of tragicomic humor. The exposed fragility of the moments invented by Senna contrasts with the aggressive hardness suggested by urban art. Daltonic, Senna … Read More

Abstract and Cubist Style Tattoos by Mike Boyd

AlexArt, Tattoos

London-based tattoo artist Mike Boyd is a dedicated traveler, viewing the act as a necessary component to developing his style of cubist-focused tattoos. His bright and angular work features Picasso-like faces and segmented bodies, impactful tattoos that make it difficult to discern … Read More

Vibrant Paintings from the Dreams by Dimitra Milan


Dimitra Milan, he young artist grew up surrounded by art in her home from a very early age. She started painting four years ago when her artist parents opened Arizona’s Milan Art Institute and let her take any class she … Read More