20 Places Where Are Rare Animals


Unfortunately, in our time, every year more and more animals moving into the category of rare. But still there are places where the meeting with a particular animal is a rare thing pretty ordinary. Loading…

Cats Everywhere!

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Cats everywhere. No, seriously. Do you think that you are alone, but believe me – Cats EVERYWHERE! They are watching us, and constantly up to something, even when you want to relax and be alone, you know, cats are able … Read More

Animals That Make the News


We share our planet with a huge variety of species of animals, the mighty and the weak, fast and slow, and looking completely alien. They are animals that make the news.

The Wildlife of Costa Rica #2


Costa Rica – a country-reserve, where a riot of wild flora and fauna surrounded by mountains and oceans. It is home to a lot of different animals.Continuing the story about the fauna of Costa Rica. Today we have a lot … Read More

Unusual Pets


Under the pets usually mean cats and dogs, in the extreme case of parrots and hamsters. But some plants does not quite normal …