Aircraft Interior of World Leaders

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In this issue you will see photographs of Nick Gleis – gorgeous views “stuffing” of private jets of African dictators and other heads of state. Copyright images not disclose exactly who fly on these planes. Loading…

How Produce Boeing Planes


11 days – that is how much time it takes to collect one brand new and sparkling Boeing 737, the most popular airliner in the world! Whole Plant in Renton collect 38 aircraft per month, and the very line of … Read More

The Strangest Airplanes in the World


It’s amazing what kind of aircraft can be assembled, putting enough effort, pure creativity and invested a lot of money into the project. Review of unusual designs of airplanes, helicopters and landing vehicles, from flying saucers to the “Caspian Sea … Read More

Air Show MAKS 2013


MAKS (the International Aviation and Space Salon) – an international aerospace exhibition, which takes place every 2 years in Zhukovsky near Moscow. The purpose of the MAX – a demonstration of Russian high technology. This year’s air show MAKS 2013 … Read More

Flying Palace of the Sultan of Brunei


The Sultan of Brunei is one of the richest men in the world. He surprised the world with boundless luxury. The whole world is discussing with envy scandalous published data on its costs, but he continues to live in grand … Read More