Haruka Misawa Aquariums with 3D Printed Flora


Designer Haruka Misawa has developed a series of nominal aquariums named “Waterscapes” that incorporate 3D printed objects due to undersea plants. These operates imitate coral as well as other aquatic flora that little fish use as suppressing areas, however are … Read More

Stunning Graffiti by 3D Joe and Max

AlexArt, Street Art

Joe and Max (also known as 3D Joe & Max) was a British duo of artists composed by Joe Hill and Max Lowry. Since the tragic death of Max Lowy in 2010, Joe continues to create astonishing trompe-l’oeil all around … Read More

Conceptual and Creative Design 3D Art by Joey Camacho

AlexArt, Design

Raw & Rendered is Joey Camacho – a freelance 3D motion and graphic designer based in Vancouver, Canada. He has created conceptual and creative design work professionally for reputable global brands as well as passionate local companies. He specializes in … Read More

3D Optical Illusion LED lamps


3D Optical Illusion LED lamps are flat and trick your eye with their wire structure to make you believe that they are tri-dimensional. Studio Cheha’s BULBING lamp. Elegantly remodelled. Classically designed. Our 3D optical illusion lamp has been refined. Studio … Read More

Colorful Topographical Renderings by Lee Griggs


Spain-based artist Lee Griggs creates amazing digital topographical illustrations. He uses 3D animation and rendering software. Each work is composed of a huge number of spheres, cubes or cylinders that are colored and extended to reminisce ocean floors or weather … Read More

3D Tattoos That will Twist Your Mind

AlexArt, Tattoos

Some of the most talented tattoo artists are capable of creating 3D tattoos that look incredibly real. These 22 3D tattoos will twist your mind and drive you wild, enjoy!