Surreal black and white photography by Vangelis Bagiatis

Moody, abstract and sometimes surreal scenes are usually the outcome of Vangelis Bagiatis work. Lately he’;s been experimenting a lot with the lensbaby composer, which seems like the ideal tool to help him realize his ideas. The moment of the capture is usually followed by many more moments of post-treatment. Pressing of keys, until the picture on the screen matches the picture in the head.

Vangelis Bagiatis01 Vangelis Bagiatis02 Vangelis Bagiatis03 Vangelis Bagiatis04 Vangelis Bagiatis05 Vangelis Bagiatis06 Vangelis Bagiatis07 Vangelis Bagiatis08 Vangelis Bagiatis09 Vangelis Bagiatis10 Vangelis Bagiatis11 Vangelis Bagiatis12 Vangelis Bagiatis13 Vangelis Bagiatis14 Vangelis Bagiatis15 Vangelis Bagiatis16 Vangelis Bagiatis17 Vangelis Bagiatis18 Vangelis Bagiatis19 Vangelis Bagiatis20 Vangelis Bagiatis21

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