Stunning Cityscapes from Remy Salva

Remi Salva is a talented freelance photographer who was born and raised in Toulouse, France, currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Remy received a bachelor’s degree from the Toulouse Business School and a master’s degree in photography at the Speos Institute in London. He lived and traveled in many places in search of hidden visual treasures. Removes a lot of nature, cityscapes, interiors and travel photos.

“I accomplished my Master’s degree for photography and have been following my passion across the world in pursuit of finding its hidden treasures. I’m fascinated by the natural landscape as well as the structures human being’s built upon it. From skyscrapers to mountains, countrysides to vast oceans, I am interested in the angles and organic shapes that come from these scenic views and the beauty that others might not see at first glimpse. I hope that the images provided can describe what I cannot put into words.”

More info: instagram / facebook / site

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