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The automaker Skoda has released a giant baby carriage-terrain vehicle specifically for dads.

Stroller vRS Mega Man-Pram was originally created just for infomercial “charged” sedan Skoda Octavia RS. However, when the company conducted a survey among young fathers, 76% said they would spend more time with the child, if they had a “pump” stroller. This poll and motivated Skoda release serial stroller vRS Mega Man-Pram.

The model is a sporty design and a much higher than normal stroller – its maximum height of 2 meters. The kids who were lucky enough to be on board this stroller can rely on hydraulic suspension, a sporty trim and an adjustable lumbar support.

The main feature of the vRS Mega Man-Pram have huge wheels with 20-inch alloy wheels and low-profile all-terrain tires, surpassing in size even wheels “charged» Skoda. Provide a high-performance braking brakes with larger calipers and brake lights.

In addition, the “stroller for Dads” is equipped with high beam headlamps, anti-stress with a soft handle and side mirrors.

Stroller SUV Stroller SUV Stroller SUV Stroller SUV


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