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Pop Culture Character Street Art by Nychos

Nychos loves making pictures of dissected animals and even cartoon characters. Heck, he throws in a guy or two in there, too. He’s good at it, too, especially considering that his “canvas” can sometimes be wall sized. But the detail and the work put into it is a little unsettling. One has to have a very peculiar mind to be set on drawing dissections all the time. Especially since they look so meticulously detailed – proof of long and arduous study on the subject.

Nychos signature style features the anatomy of his characters, layer by layer, through colorful, explosive compositions. His characters range from animals like whales and flamingos to others from pop culture like The Little Mermaid and characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

More info: rabbiteyemovementTumblr | Facebook | Instagram

street-art-nychos 01 street-art-nychos 02 street-art-nychos 03 street-art-nychos 04 street-art-nychos 05 street-art-nychos 06 street-art-nychos 07 street-art-nychos 08 street-art-nychos 09 street-art-nychos 10 street-art-nychos 11 street-art-nychos 12 street-art-nychos 13 street-art-nychos 14 street-art-nychos 15 street-art-nychos 16

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