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10 Most Famous Graffiti and Street Art Cities

Street art – is an area that is developing according to its own laws. By the graffiti can be treated differently, but that in any case, colorful, original and unique. Walk to the capitals of street art right now?

Los Angeles

Graffiti and street art have been internationally recognized art it once in 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles in the United States was the first museum exhibition Art in the Streets. Now take the exhibition galleries of the city for the exhibition, there are new objects in the natural environment. The highest concentration is observed in the images Arts District in the downtown areas, and Venice Beach.





Laura Banksy haunt of creative young people who are from all over the world come to the hometown of the artist. In the summer of Bristol carried out in Europe’s largest festival of graffiti and street art. At the mercy of the participants given areas and Sautvill Bedminster – where you can see how from under the sizzling cans of spray paint new works are created.





attraction point fans of street art, the city voluntarily provides artists a platform for self-expression. The main object is the Berlin Wall – fragments covered with numerous layers of paint. In 2009 the wall was restored, and the city authorities asked for individual artists to rebuild their mural paintings. So on the wall again appeared the creation of Dmitry Vrubel – historical kiss of Brezhnev and Honecker.





The tendency to the monumental painting Mexicans in the blood – they did that in the days of ancient civilizations. From recent history it is necessary to remember the decade of Mexico muralizma. Today, the capital has become a true paradise for street artists – hundreds of images from superrealistichnogo to experimental abstractions. All City Canvas 2012 Festival, the enriched this collection of nine huge art objects: for once it was made completely legal, however, to harmonize the organizers have spent almost a year.





Graffiti often like the butterfly, their age is not long: Popular now and then strive to paint new works, and inconsistent art objects can be destroyed in advance. There are special guides for street art: they will help you find the best of the ephemeral creations, scattered around the city to take a picture of Banksy stencils and get acquainted with the most recent paintings in the former marginal, and now the bohemian district of Shoreditch.




São Paulo

Places of worship, where the paint is covered almost everything. In Vila Madalena rich area you can walk and in the evening, but in the Bom Retiro and Barra Funda after sunset is off limits. Do not miss the very long wall at 23 Avenue de Mayo and encrypted messages “pishasao» (Pixação) – this style of particulars marked in remote areas, was born here. And in December in Sao Paulo will host the second festival O.bra – in the last two weeks spent 4000 ink tanks.




Valparaiso, Chile

The main centers of the vibrating street-art culture Valparaiso – is the Cerro Alegre and Concepcion, less tourist areas and Puerto Cerro Carcel and quite dangerous for gringos Van Buren. In the latter you can see graffiti vandalnogo style and image, working in conjunction with the stunning architecture. And, finally, there is the Cerro Polanco, who was a real graffiti museum in the open air after the recent festival.





Self-expression through drawings in public places so familiar to local residents that the city authorities for several years trying to curb these manifestations. But not through prohibition, but through quite readily permits issued. They need to get artists who are going to place their works on the walls, viewed from the road. The official galleries also held many exhibitions of street art.





In the center of the city of graffiti can only be found on construction sites and at the Centre Georges Pompidou. Be sure to check out the house at 59 Rue de Rivoli, the abode of free artists. Then you have to stay away from the center: you are waiting for the streets Denuae gallery, trucks and buildings on the boulevard Menilmontant. A snack – a walk in the 19 th district of Paris along the Canal Saint-Martin in the Villette park side.





Recognized as the “capital of Stans art”, says one of the city attractions for tourists high-quality samples of wall art. Parallel to this, there is a struggle with inscriptions and squalid illegal patterns that prevent owners of the buildings. The coolest images posted in the photo gallery of the official website of Melbourne, on the Internet, you can download a map of their location.




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