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Positive Emotion Street Art by Alex Senna

The languid formats of Brazilian street artist and muralist Alex Senna, protagonists seek balance on calculated doses of tragicomic humor. The exposed fragility of the moments invented by Senna contrasts with the aggressive hardness suggested by urban art.

Daltonic, Senna developed continuous strokes of only one color in his drawings and notebooks, until the moment he transposed to the walls of the city, marking the urban scenery with a simple and clearly affective visuality.

Observations of human relations mixed with emotional substrata are based on the intense authorial production that he has developed in the last 6 years in the city of São Paulo.

Universal signs drawn from the children’s imagination – hearts, birds, musical notes, balloons and composition variations are what seems to give color to a 90% work marked by the use of black and white.

The charisma of their numerous characters – whether they are young dating couples, elderly gentlemen, placid saints or melancholy young men – establish a romantic dialogue with the observer, as they inspire notions of dream, subjectivity, drama and faith.

You can check out more of Senna’s work on Instagram.

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