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For the sake of a good shot ready for anything! Photographer NatGeo Steve Winter

Are you ready to spend six months in the mountains, to sleep in a tent -40C for the sake of the frames of a wild cat, even a very rare cat? I know many wildlife photographers, some like me more, some less. I’m still too “small” to judge them, but I know for sure how difficult it is to make a good shot. Sometimes it takes weeks only to meet the beast, and then, if you’re lucky, you only have a couple of seconds to make a frame … Zer is not a model, there will not be a pose .. Although, to be honest, it happens that way.

Steve Winter is one of the most famous wildlife photographers. I can not say that all his works published by National Geographic seem to me to be masterpieces from the point of view of performance, but most of his staff are at least unique! Steve all his life dreamed of becoming a staff photographer National Geographic and for this he was ready to go to much. Achieving the goal, he did not calm down … He was attacked by a rhino, followed by a jaguar, he almost died in quicksand, and for the rare snow-leopard frames he lived for several months in a tent at extremely low temperatures.

1. Steve enjoys the name of National Geographic, not only for his own glory. It not only takes pictures of animals, but also spends a lot of effort into, to draw public attention to their problems.

2. Tigers in the forest.


4. The snow leopard in the mountains. Cat – invisible.

5. Rare footage.

6. Super-tail.


8. Jaguar.




12. Tiger near.

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