Steep street art in a small town

Street Arts Festival “Art Ravine” was held in Vyksa Nizhny Novgorod region.

According to Wikipedia, in a small and modest home Vyksa 55,000 people. “Art Ravine”, which brought together more than fifty talented Russian and international street artists, was held for the third time. Soon the city will end net fences, facades and booths, and the terms will be one art.

For three years, the festival transforms the city into a single art platform which on the one hand is an exhibition of works by famous artists in the open air, and on the other – a catalyst for creativity residents. The festival brings together many areas of modern culture: visual art, architecture, music, dance, fashion, graffiti and street art. And it shows how much steep artists live everywhere in our country.

photovide.com gathered in this material one and a half dozen of the most interesting and impressive works of this “Art Gully.”

01-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 02-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 03-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 04-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 05-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 06-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 07-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 08-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 09-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 10-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 11-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 12-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 13-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 14-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 15-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 16-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 17-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 18-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town 19-steep-street-art-in-a-small-town

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