10 Most Highly Paid Celebrities Under 30 Years Old

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Here is a list of the most highly paid celebrities under 30. Topped the list of pop singer Lady Gaga, who became famous not only for its hits, but also provocative outfits. Despite the early termination of the tour Born This Way Ball Lady Gaga from June 2012 to June 2013th earned most of their peers from show business – $ 80 million

In second place – Canadian-born Justin Bieber. Over the past year, the singer for the first time managed to get on the cover of Forbes and earn a $ 58 million, 19-year-old Bieber is also the youngest participant ranking. Third place went to country singer Taylor Swift. Her latest album – Red – in the first week has sold 1.2 million copies. Income Swift Forbes estimated at $ 55 million

Seven of the ten spots in the rankings this year, took the girl. Also, most of the defendants make a list of the music industry. Besides them, the list includes only two actresses – Jennifer Lawrence ($ 26 million) and Kristen Stewart ($ 22 million) – and one actor – Taylor Lautner ($ 22 million). More information about the highest paid stars – in our gallery.

To estimate the revenues stars using data obtained from agents, managers, managers and other persons working on celebrities. In the aggregate annual income includes all income from activities related to the field of entertainment. Taxes, fees and other payments to agents faced star, not taken into account.

10 Most Highly Paid Celebrities Under 30 Years Old

1. Lady Gaga

Revenue: $ 80 million

Lady Gaga would have earned more if it were not interrupted their tour Born This Way Ball because of hip surgery caused by wearing high heels too.

10 Most Highly Paid Celebrities Under 30 Years Old

2. Justin Bieber

Revenue: $ 58 million

19-year-old pop singer from Canada last year, made the cover of Forbes. Income he brings not only records and concerts. Bieber is a shareholder in several startups including online messenger Enflick, Tinychat video chat and music service Spotify.

10 Most Highly Paid Celebrities Under 30 Years Old

3. Taylor Swift

Revenue: $ 55 million

Singer in October released the fourth album – Red, which in its first week has sold 1.2 million copies. The single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together for the first time allowed the Swift topped the charts Billboard’s Hot 100.

10 Most Highly Paid Celebrities Under 30 Years Old

4. Calvin Harris

Revenue: $ 46 million

DJ and producer, whose artistic career started with putting some records on Myspace, this year he made his debut in the top 100 powerful celebrities according to Forbes. Harris last year gave more than 150 concerts. In addition to his own compositions, he wrote hits and colleagues on stage – for example, he is the author of the song We Found Love, Rihanna executed.

10 Most Highly Paid Celebrities Under 30 Years Old

5. Rihanna

Revenue: $ 43 million

25-year-old native of Barbados for the last year has recorded his seventh album in their career – Unapologetic, has given more than 40 concerts and produced hits such as Diamonds and Stay.

10 Most Highly Paid Celebrities Under 30 Years Old

6. Katy Perry

Revenue: $ 39 million

Despite the fact that as many as five songs from the album Teenage Dream led Perry music chart Billboard (previously it could only Michael Jackson), as a whole, last year was relatively quiet for the performer. Katy Perry continues to perform at a private concert and cooperate with the perfume company Coty. It brings some income and share in the producer of snacks Popchips. Biographical film about Perry Part of Me grossed a seven-figure sum.

10 Most Highly Paid Celebrities Under 30 Years Old

7. Adele

Revenue: $ 25 million

British singer still sells a lot of records, but without a concert tour and new recordings Adele could not help in the ranking of the 100 most influential stars in the world by Forbes. But in the past 12 months, she was a young mother and recorded the soundtrack for the latest series of “James Bond” Skyfall with the song won the “Oscar” nomination in the profile.

10 Most Highly Paid Celebrities Under 30 Years Old

8. Jennifer Lawrence

Revenue: $ 26 million

The rising star in Hollywood climbed high in the Forbes ranking for his leading role in the movie blockbuster trilogy “The Hunger Games”, which became a hit global box office. For his role in the first part of the film, she received a fee of only $ 1 million, but the box office success of the painting provided Lawrence new lucrative contract from the studio Lionsgate. The actress managed to break the hegemony of male stars in the lucrative niche movies about superheroes. In addition, Lawrence in the past year has been recognized professional workshops: she became the owner of the “Oscar” for best actress in the film “My guy – crazy.”

10 Most Highly Paid Celebrities Under 30 Years Old

9. Kristen Stewart

Revenue: $ 22 million

The role of the protagonist in the film adaptation of the cult teen novel “Twilight” has helped Stewart in a few years become one of the wealthiest Hollywood actresses. And, unlike the partners in the vampire saga, Stewart managed to make cash and his next after ‘Twilight’ film – fantasy “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Recently, the actress began to pay more attention to independent projects, like the adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road.”

10 Most Highly Paid Celebrities Under 30 Years Old

10. Taylor Lautner

Revenue: $ 22 million

Lautner has become the idol of teenage audience thanks to co-star in “Twilight.” But with the release in theaters last part of the success of the vampire franchise a young actor their chance to go into decline. His full “solo” debut in the action movie “Pursuit” was a failure, and a supporting role in the Adam Sandler comedy “Classmates 2” can hardly be considered a serious bid to conquer the “adult” in Hollywood.


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