St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine

Built in 1909, the St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral was the second Catholic church in Kiev. Prior to that already existed in Kiev Alexander’s Cathedral, which was located in the old city, but it could hold no more than a thousand parishioners that the capital was not enough, as the Catholic community at that time had already numbered nearly 40,000 people. Therefore, in 1898 the Catholics of Kiev appealed to the representatives of the city authorities with a request for funds for the construction of another temple. The petition specifically stated that the new church will be named in memory of the visit Kiev Emperor Nicholas II.

01-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine 02-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine 03-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine 04-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine 05-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine 06-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine 07-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine 08-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine 09-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine 10-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine 11-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine 12-st-nicholas-roman-catholic-cathedral-in-kiev-ukraine

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