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Figures in the Sky by Thomas Lamadieu

It’s funny sometimes in a big city to look at the sky, framed by tall buildings. And while most of us admire the architecture of buildings and blue sky, a French artist Thomas Lamadieu sees this as a fresh and blank canvas for his illustrations. In his project, “Sky Art” Thomas makes the form of towering buildings and sky framed by them in funny pictures, interacting with the environment.

skyart01-figures-in-the-sky-by-thomas-lamadieu skyart02-figures-in-the-sky-by-thomas-lamadieu skyart03-figures-in-the-sky-by-thomas-lamadieu skyart04-figures-in-the-sky-by-thomas-lamadieu skyart05-figures-in-the-sky-by-thomas-lamadieu skyart06-figures-in-the-sky-by-thomas-lamadieu skyart07-figures-in-the-sky-by-thomas-lamadieu skyart08-figures-in-the-sky-by-thomas-lamadieu skyart09-figures-in-the-sky-by-thomas-lamadieu

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