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Seven Deadly Sins by Jewelry Designer Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster latest collection is named “The Seven Deadly Sins”, in which he has created seven cocktail rings, each of which depicts one of the seven vices. Each of the deadly sins is instantly recognizable in the shape and form of the rings, with Lust being the most beautiful ring of this set (in our opinion). Despite their beauty, few people would be daring enough to wear one of such rings. Who would want to share their sins with the world? Who would be arrogant enough?

With fashion and jewellery as dazzling and devastatingly glamorous co-conspirators, each luxurious aesthetic in Stephen Webster’s collections celebrates traditional skills and great British craftsmanship. Webster’s interest in the craft of jewellery was first piqued as a teenage boy when his parents gifted him a gold cross, but leaving school he chose, at first, to study fashion. Quickly, he switched from frocks to rocks: “I’d never thought about jewellery before, but immediately, here was a combination of something I could understand; a workshop, tools, chemicals and flames, and then this beautiful, polished, wonderful thing that came out of it all” he says. “That was it for me. It was no longer about drawing; it was about the craftsmanship involved in this business. I spent the next ten years making myself the best craftsman I could be, constantly challenging myself with what I could do”.
The crafting of jewellery is, Webster acknowledges, a micro art form, a miniaturised oeuvre where both magnification and a keen eye play a tirelessly discerning role. “As a jeweller I can tell you that a small detail you can’t see even with the naked eye can ruin your whole day” he says. “Any craftsman that cares about his work will say the same. But as with anything involving magnification, the world in which you operate is no longer part of the real world. It’s a slightly surreal, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ existence but one that produces exquisite results”.

Seven Deadly Sins by Jewelry Designer Stephen Webster:

seven-deadly-sins 1

LUST – 18 ct. white gold ring, pave set with white diamonds and a tanzanite oval siz seven-deadly-sins 2

ENVY – The green eye of envy is all seeing. (18ct White Gold Ring, pave set with Black and White Diamonds, Tsavorites and Green Tourmaline.) seven-deadly-sins 3

GREED – A desire that burns, inciting desperate hands to grasp gratuitously. 18ct White Gold Ring, pave set with White Diamonds and Tanzanite. seven-deadly-sins 4

WRATH – Red rage is offered in a guise by the hand that provokes the spark. 18ct Rose Gold Ring, set with White Diamonds, Rubies and Red Garnet. seven-deadly-sins 5

GLUTTONY – In its gaping glory the gargantuan mouth remains unsatisfied. 18ct White Gold Ring, pave set with Rubies, White Agate Inlay and Fire Opal. seven-deadly-sins 6

PRIDE – Blue titanium ring set with white diamonds, pink sapphires and a big amethyst with rectangular size seven-deadly-sins 7

SLOTH – A plush pink pillow of passivity absorbs wasted talents and gifts. (18ct Yellow Gold Ring, pave set with White Diamonds, Blue Topaz and Enamel Inlay.)

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