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Heartwarming, Prime and Naive Family Photos by Sebastian Łuczywo

An aspiring photographer and father of two little boys Sebastian Łuczywo was born alive and well in Poland. Every year with her family and two dogs with puppies bargain he comes to his parents in the village. And then the magic begins – Sebastian, normal business trainer by profession, it is possible to do so touching and live footage, which themselves want to be in this authentic village. Pat the dog’s withers, with the boys run on rails and all over the run-up to jump into the lake.

Photos of his prime. Somewhere even naive. But there are some depth of thought and close each philosophy. Therefore, in this footage Photo Vide fell in love at first look.

“I tried to show life in the country, but look at it with a grain of salt,” told Sebastian Łuczywo. “The inspiration for me is the music and the light that, for every photographer and painter, should be valid. Light is an important factor in creating a photograph. If it is good, it makes the climate, it can create a story.“

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