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Seasons in Photos of Lori Kincaid

Lori Kincaid specializes in outdoor photography of the Southern Appalachians, including large format, 35mm, and digital stock photos and fine prints of scenic mountain landscapes and flora. Inspired by a life-long study of nature and the everyday beauty surrounding her mountaintop home, she shares her passion for preserving and protecting the environment through her photographs of the Southern Appalachians. Lori’s images reveal her close personal connection to the natural world while illuminating the innate strength and ultimate fragility of its timeless beauty. Lori’s photography has been exhibited in regional and national venues, including the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, and featured in numerous regional, national, and international publications. Her credits include some of the country’s best known and respected publishers of nature photography, including the National Geographic Society, Audubon Society, and Sierra Club, among others.

I grew up tromping around the backwoods of east Tennessee, looking for wildflowers, tubing the Little River, and breathing deeply of the loamy earth and tannin-rich streams. The woods were a place of discovery and an inner sanctum, always fresh and inviting, never threatening or closed to a child’s boundless curiosity. My early experiences there formed the foundation for a life-long love and respect for nature, a love that led me as far afield as Europe and Asia to research and teach proactive environmental protection and as near as my own back yard to try to right environmental wrongs. Now I’ve landed on a mountain top skirted by the Tennessee-North Carolina state line where every day rekindles a fresh sense of discovery and ignites my passion for the natural world. I hope my photography will inspire you to join in efforts to preserve and protect the environment here, where you are, and around the world. Right now, I’m taking my camera and heading to the woods. Won’t you come, too?

Lori uses a 4″x5″ view camera to capture the cycle of the seasons as well as 35 mm film and digital camera systems to photograph the fine, intricate details of nature. Her former work as associate director of a university environmental research center and her current role as a maker of native plant medicines inform her meticulous chronicling of natural landscapes and flora in both documentary and expressive styles. Lori’s photography has been exhibited at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., published by Sierra Club Calendars and National Geographic, and featured in Nature’s Best Photography magazine, as well as in periodicals, books, calendars, brochures, and other media. She lives with her husband, John Webb, with one foot in North Carolina and the other in Tennessee.

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