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Sarah Gadon – Canadian Actress

Sarah Gadon – Various Photoshoots + First Trailer For ‘Dracula Untold’ Officially Released – Starring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper…

Sarah Gadon (born April 4, 1987) is a Canadian actress. She has had roles in David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method and Cosmopolis. She has guest starred in a number of notable television series including Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Dark Oracle, Doc, In a Heartbeat, La Femme Nikita, Life with Derek, and Mutant X. She has voice-acted for Mattimeo, My Dad the Rock Star, Ruby Gloom, Total Drama, and Wayside.

Gadon started acting at the age of 10 with her first acting role as Julia in an episode of La Femme Nikita (1998). For the next few years, she took episodic roles in various television series, including Monica in Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1999), Young Laura Burnham in Twice in a Lifetime (2000), Catherine Hartman in Mutant X (2002), Vicki in Life with Derek (2005), and Tasha Redford in Flashpoint (2008).

She also has a number of television films to her credit. She was nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Ensemble in a TV movie for her first film, The Other Me (2000), portraying Heather. Other roles include Samantha in What Girls Learn (2001), Amanda in Cadet Kelly (2002), Julia Norton in Code Breakers (2005,) and Celeste Mercier in The Cutting Edge 3 (2008).

Sarah has had a recurring role in many television series: Zoe Kessler in The Border (2008-2009), Katie Atkins in Being Erica (2009), Georgia Bravin in Happy Town (2010) and Ruby Odgen in Murdoch Mysteries (2009-2011). She is also behind the voice of the title character in the animated series Ruby Gloom (2006-2007), Beth in Total Drama Island (2007) and Portia in Friends and Heroes (2007-2009). Sarah was nominated for a Gemini Award in 2008 for Best Individual or Ensemble Performance in an Animated Program or Series for her work in Ruby Gloom (2008). She shared in this nomination with Emily Hampshire.

First Trailer For ‘Dracula Untold’ Officially Released – Starring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper…

After leaking online last week, Universal Pictures, once the home for literature’s most horrifying characters, has today officially released this first trailer for ‘Dracula Untold,’ the origin story of the man who became Dracula. Starring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Diarmaid Murtagh and Samantha Barks, the film opens on October 3rd in the UK and Ireland and October 17th in the US. The story is a mix of mythology and history as it follows the story of Vlad III Țepeș (Evans), the inspiration for the Dracula character popularized by Bram Stoker’s novel. Gary Shore directs.

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Sarah Gadon – Various Photoshoots

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