Sand Art Masters

Instead of brushes – a rake instead of colors – sand. Perhaps this is all you need to sand art masters to create their work.

Summer – the perfect time for beach lovers. And while the rest are tourists and toil of doing nothing at resorts already being brilliant artists create their works. Coming at low tide, they spent hours on end is carried by the water, painting a mysterious patterns along the coast. Each pad like a huge canvas on which to carefully loom large paintings, which are visible only from the bird’s flight.

These beautiful geometric patterns do not last very long, they are quickly washed away by the waves or trampled surfers and other lovers stroll on the beach. But then a fleeting moment that will last picture, leave a mark in the heart of every lover of this art. Art for art’s sake.

photovide.com gathered for you the most talented and creative artists of sand art, of which managed to capture the camera lens.

Tony Plant

Tony Plant – original English artist who creates drawings in the sand for over 20 years. At work, he uses only his hands and a rake, and in spite of this, the creation of this website look like aliens have landed here.

Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters

Jim Denevan

The artist, surfer and self-taught chef Jim Denevan, born in 1961, draws on the sand for hours most beautiful and ephemeral paintings on the beaches. His geometric designs he created during low tide using a normal wooden sticks. In the past 17 years, Jim has drawn hundreds of unique images around the world. Washed tide, now they can be seen only in photographs.

Sand Art Masters

Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters

Andres Amador

American artist Andres Amador draws huge floral patterns on the beaches in the gap of a few hours. During this time, he manages to create a truly beautiful designs that are full of romance.

Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters

Peter Donnelly

Donnelly is well known both in New Zealand and overseas, and some of the fans come from far away, only to watch as the “sand artist” creates its own large-scale drawings. And it must be admitted, the process is very time-consuming. This unusual hobby Peter has been more than ten years. Master to draw his work on pieces, keeping in mind the big picture, which then can be considered only from a great height.

Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters

Jamie Wardley  and his team

Jamie and his team create huge paintings on the sand up to 800 meters wide. While working, they have much to hurry, because they have only about 6 hours before the tide will swallow their creation.

Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters Sand Art Masters

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