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Mesmerizing Photos Of Russian Mafia Tombstones

The times of the dashing 90s have long since passed, but the evidence of those years can still be found in a number of places. Including in cemeteries, where gravestones of criminal authorities rise. Photographer Denis Tarasov presented a series of photographs of gravestones to criminal authorities and heads of influential families in the 90s. The staff is made mainly in Yekaterinburg and Dnepropetrovsk, however, the author notes that such a style is inherent in many cities of Russia and the countries of the former USSR during the “wild market” and criminal wars.

People tried to stand out as luxury and wealth not only in life, but also after death, which overtook many at a very early age. The monuments, installed in the most expensive parts of the cemeteries, depict not only the deceased themselves, but also the attributes of their rich life: foreign cars, tables with dishes, exquisite furniture and so on. Tarasov’s works aroused great interest in the World and became part of the exhibition of the London Saatchi Gallery.

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