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Let’s Look at a Real Rush Hour, Bangladesh

Do you think that in the NY or Moscow subway a lot of people at rush hour? Let’s look at a real rush hour in Bangladesh.

While the train is, take all imaginable and unimaginable places on it. (Photo by Yousuf Tushar):

3. No one knows where to go – on the roof or in a stampede in the car. (Photo by Yousuf Tushar):

4. Transfer the baby to the roof. (Photo by Yousuf Tushar):

5. Those who have not got the inside and on the roof trying to go to the hanging position. (Photo by Yousuf Tushar):

6. But sad not happy with everything. (Photo by Yousuf Tushar):

7. We leave. The rest are waiting for the next one. (Photo by Yousuf Tushar):

8. Photographer rolled with the passengers. The main thing – do not fall down. But beautiful places (Photo by Yousuf Tushar).:

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