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How Are the Running Dogs by Nick Ridley – The UK’s Leading Dog Photographer

Today, we are using the British photographer Nick Ridley’s see how it looks selflessly dogs running. There is something to see.

Nick Ridley has been involved in photographing dogs for over 30 years and in 1998 he started what became the highest profile and most respected dog event photography businesses in the country.

During 2015 he took over 45,000 dog related images ranging from dogs working in their natural environment to dogs being shown at the world’s most prestigious dog show, Crufts. Nick worked as an Inspector for a well-known animal charity for 12 years prior to setting up his business and it his experience in that field that enables him to work with difficult and nervous animals and he regularly works for many of the UK’s leading animal charities. He always puts the care and welfare of any animal before the taking of any photograph.

Irish Setter. He was bred in Ireland, and as an independent breed was formed in the middle of the XIX century. Fairly quickly he was in Russia. It is used in the summer-autumn season on the swamp, steppe and upland game. (Photo by Nick Ridley Photography):

Irish Setter

3. bullets – one of the most popular Hungarian shepherd dogs. It looks like a scaled-down copy of the komondor. (Photo by Nick Ridley Photography):


4. Dogue de Bordeaux. The breed originated in France many centuries ago and has a long, almost a detective story, but the popularity of this breed of dog has won only in 1863, after the first exhibition of dogs in the Botanical Garden of Paris. Dog named Magenta owner Raymond Radiguet won the first prize and a medal of pure gold. The breed became known after the release on television screens the film “Turner and Hooch”. (Photo by Nick Ridley Photography):


5. The carrier dachshund. Rock hounds, bred in England. Dachshund – Natural Born Hunters. (Photo by Nick Ridley Photography):

Rushing dachshund

6. Cockapoo was launched in the US and has gained a lot of popularity. Okapi belongs to the breed of dog design, in other words, a hybrid breed, the purpose of which – Companion Dog (Photo by Nick Ridley Photography):.


7. That, too, rushing at full speed cockapoo. (Photo by Nick Ridley Photography):


8. Running pug. Small decorative dog, which has long been held to know. (Photo by Nick Ridley Photography):

running pug

9. Boxer. (Photo by Nick Ridley Photography):


10. This comrade during the run trying his best. (Photo by Nick Ridley Photography):


11. The winner of today’s feature race – Dogue de Bordeaux. The tail is erect and the muzzle expression have left the competition a chance. (Photo by Nick Ridley Photography):

Dogue de Bordeaux

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