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Soulless Service: there are only robots in the Japanese hotel

While mechanization in industries is “necessary” to increase efficiency and reduce costs, robots in Japan are more of a novelty. Take Henn-na hotel near Nagasaki, for example. It has been billed as “the first robot-staffed hotel” in the world. From the receptionist to the bellhop to the concierge —all are robots.

Behind the reception desk in Henn-na guests are met by a rather strange trinity: a humanoid girl, an intimidating dinosaur in a bow tie and a small android. All of them know dozens of languages ​​and explain to the guests how they are to be accommodated in the room (payment is made through the terminals located right there) and, if necessary, can order a taxi and answer questions concerning tourist sites in Nagasaki.

Baggage in the room is delivered by the robot-porter. If there is a desire, it can be given for tea – for this purpose a special compartment is built in the case. But this porter is unobtrusive, he will not wait at the door, waiting for a crumpled piece of paper. The same story and with robots, waiters working in a local restaurant.

Lay out things on the shelves of guests also do not have to. For them, this is done by a robotic arm. It is enough to open a suitcase in front of her, and you can do other things. Approximately the same thing distributes luggage to storage chambers.

Keys – neither conventional nor electronic – are not issued at this hotel. Instead, they use a face recognition system. Yes, the guys from the reception can also take pictures. In each room on the nightstand sits a small robot with a head in the shape of a tulip. He can turn on or off the light on the voice command, report the weather forecast and set the alarm for the morning.

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