Dramatic Steel Fairie Sculptures Dancing with Dandelions by Robin Wight

Robin Wight sculptures are elegant fairy fairies, who are struggling with the element of wind or dance.

Robin Wight create fairies consists of several stages: first manufactured the steel frame and then formed muscles, wings and other details. Also worth noting is that each has a fabulous creature with a unique heart of steel engraving.

See creation wizard, you can park in Trent, United Kingdom; steel art lovers can make the personal order of his own sketch or Robin.

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Dramatic Steel Fairie Sculptures Dancing with Dandelions by Robin Wight:

robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 01 robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 02 robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 03 robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 04 robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 05 robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 06 robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 07 robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 08 robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 09 robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 10 robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 11 robin-wight-fairie-sculptures 12

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