“Re-Directed Paintings”: Artist Paints Pop-Culture Characters into Old Thrift-Store Paintings

David Irvine has set out to change all of that by collecting thrift-store paintings and “re-directing” them by adding various pop-culture book, movie and TV characters.

David Irvine has been creating art for some time. He is not new to upcycling nor sculpture, and he attends expositions of his works. In total, he has been making art for more than 25 years, and selling it for some time, too. You can see some of his works on sale on Etsy!

Irvine was kind enough to share his newest re-directed paintings and we’ve cherry picked our favourites. To see the rest, check out the links below.

More info: | Facebook | Etsy | Redbubble | Society6

“Re-Directed Paintings”: Artist Paints Pop-Culture Characters into Old Thrift-Store Paintings:

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  1. Wow. Some of you folks are taking this WAY too seriously. As an artist myself, I might be offended if someone “defaced” some ORIGINAL artwork of mine, but would be amused–flattered, even–if they added a bit of whimsey to a cheap reprint–and these are obviously cheap reprints. Lighten up, people.

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