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The Temple Pura Besakih: the Main Shrine of Bali, Indonesia

One of the oldest and most iconic buildings on the island of Bali is Besakih temple complex, which is also called as the “Mother Temple of Besakih“. This building itself is very beautiful, and the surrounding natural landscape, only contributes to the creation of the halo of mystery and grandeur of the temple (Pura). Since the temple is situated at an altitude of kilometers above sea level, in the afternoon hours it tends to be completely enveloped in clouds, which makes it even more entertainment terraces.

1-the-temple-pura-besakih-the-main-shrine-of-bali-indonesia 2-the-temple-pura-besakih-the-main-shrine-of-bali-indonesia 3-the-temple-pura-besakih-the-main-shrine-of-bali-indonesia 4-the-temple-pura-besakih-the-main-shrine-of-bali-indonesia 5-the-temple-pura-besakih-the-main-shrine-of-bali-indonesia 6-the-temple-pura-besakih-the-main-shrine-of-bali-indonesia 7-the-temple-pura-besakih-the-main-shrine-of-bali-indonesia

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