Pula Arena: a Monument of Roman Architecture, Croatia

In the Croatian city Pula is a significant monument of Roman architecture – one of the largest amphitheatres in the world. This building has a special historical value, since it is the only arena that has kept to this day three Roman architectural orders and the four towers. Amphitheatre is one of the main attractions of the country – it even has a picture on the bills face value of 10 kuna.

1-pula-arena-a-monument-of-roman-architecture-croatia 2-pula-arena-a-monument-of-roman-architecture-croatia 3-pula-arena-a-monument-of-roman-architecture-croatia 4-pula-arena-a-monument-of-roman-architecture-croatia 5-pula-arena-a-monument-of-roman-architecture-croatia 6-pula-arena-a-monument-of-roman-architecture-croatia 7-pula-arena-a-monument-of-roman-architecture-croatia 8-pula-arena-a-monument-of-roman-architecture-croatia 9-pula-arena-a-monument-of-roman-architecture-croatia

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