There once was a pug named Norm

It is known that in dogs than in other animals, manifested in nature, but a pug named Norm at birth was also a bonus dose of charisma. His hosts Jeremy Veach met with his four-legged friend when Norm was 8 weeks. Since that time, Jeremy constantly photographed svogo dog in various roles. According to Jeremy, on the set of dog feels like a fish in the water and spread out on the full. Today, Norm 1.5 years, and their account is incredibly popular on Instagram and have more then 25,000 subscribers.

Well photovide.com chosen for you the 25 most interesting photos of one of the most popular dogs on Instagram.

norm01-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm02-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm03-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm04-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm05-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm06-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm07-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm08-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm09-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm10-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm11-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm12-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm13-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm14-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm15-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm16-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm17-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm18-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm19-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm20-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm21-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm22-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm23-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm24-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm norm25-there-once-was-a-pug-named-norm

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