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Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

Writes samsebeskazal: “Stumbled upon archive newspaper Los Angeles Times and was unable to get past their pictures since” Prohibition. ” Criminals, police crime scenes, etc. Where can add to your photos a more detailed description. ”
Source: Zhzhurnal / samsebeskazal

alcoprohibition01 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

1. Detective Oscar Bauer poses with Tommy Hahn in his hands. Machine without cages. 1925

alcoprohibition02 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

2. Bauer and colleagues. 1925

alcoprohibition03 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

3. Questioning bank robber caught in the act. 1932

alcoprohibition04 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

4. “Red Riot” – a demonstration of the unemployed in Los Angeles held by the leadership of the local communist leaders. 1930

alcoprohibition05 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

5. Police Detective Eddie Nolan was arrested for murder. 1931

alcoprohibition06 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

6. Detectives LAPD posing with guns in their hands. 1925

alcoprohibition07 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

7. A police officer stands next to a member of the “Black Legion,” an underground organization separated from the Ku Klux Klan and actively fought with blacks, Jews and Catholics. Its members practiced ritual murder, in its ranks were more than 10,000 people. 1936

alcoprohibition08 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

8. The members of the unit to combat the trafficking of alcohol. 1920

alcoprohibition09 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

9. Police officers at the court hearing. 1929

alcoprohibition10 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

10. The police, along with bank employees Belvedere State during the reconstruction of his robbery. 1923

alcoprohibition11 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

11. Two detectives demonstrate suitcase with explosives that was used in an attempt to rob a bank. 1932

alcoprohibition12 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

12. Bootlegger McDonald, nicknamed “Sock” at the Municipal Court of Los Angeles.

alcoprohibition13 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

13. Bootlegger Harry Alpine in jail after charges against him in the shooting. 1925

alcoprohibition14 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

14. Prosecutor Dell Schweitzer. 1928

alcoprohibition15 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

15. Sheriff, along with members of the search team looking for the body of one of the victims of James Watson. He was married to about 16 women, 7 of whom were killed. Was caught when his last wife there were suspicions about him, and she hired a private investigator. He opened the scheme to which Watson posted an ad in the newspaper about the acquaintance, got married, and then appropriated their property. Watson was sentenced for life in prison and died in 1939 of pneumonia. 1920

alcoprohibition16 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

16. Watson was accompanied by two sheriffs. 1920

alcoprohibition17 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

17. Clara Phillips goes to court by police. Phillips was accused of murdering her husband’s mistress during an argument. As a murder weapon she used a hammer and buried the body in a vacant lot. With the help of her husband, she was able to escape to Honduras during the hearing of her case, but was later caught by police and returned to the United States. 1922

alcoprohibition18 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

18. New and old police badges. 1927

alcoprohibition19 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

19. The icon of the police chief of Los Angeles. 1926

alcoprohibition20 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

20. Motovzvod Los Angeles Police lined up for inspection. 1924

alcoprohibition21 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

21. Police exhumed the body of the murder. 1920

alcoprohibition22 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

22. The prisoners in the cell of one of the police stations in Los Angeles. 1920

alcoprohibition23 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

23. Police are investigating the case of a bank robbery Pacific National. 1928

alcoprohibition24 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

24. Reid Chinese illegal gambling house.

alcoprohibition25 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

25. Civilian workers of the police department of Los Angeles are in the queue for the surrender of a fingerprint. 1928

alcoprohibition26 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

26. Judge Carlos Hardy helpers during the hearing. 1920

alcoprohibition27 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

27. Detectives are studying dynamite sticks and cords that were found under one of the aqueducts. 1924

alcoprohibition28 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

28. Inmates in the jail cell Lincoln Heights. 1925

alcoprohibition29 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

29. Two detectives are studying the remains of a woman named Grace Young, found in the basement of a house in a suburb of Los Angeles. He was killed by her husband, who would thus inherit the condition, Young inherited from his first marriage. 1925

alcoprohibition30 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

30. Minnie Kennedy journalist interviews a diver on while searching the body of a murdered woman. 1926

alcoprohibition31 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

31. Convicted killer Russell Beytsel shaves another inmate in the county jail cell. 1928

alcoprohibition32 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

32. The suspect in the murder of David Clark plays cards with other inmates in a prison cell. 1931

alcoprohibition33 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

33. Winnie Judd, nicknamed “killer with the bags” in the car immediately after his arrest. Jad killed his girlfriend, then dismembered her body and wrap it in a few road suitcases, went by train to Los Angeles. Employee baggage car felt something unpleasant odor and noticed a strange stains on one of the suitcases. Thinking that the meat inside is missing animal he demanded Judd open it. She said that she does not have a key, and ran away. Police arrived and found luggage uncovered inside of the body. Judd has been on the wanted list and is caught in a month. Was sentenced to life imprisonment, but later declared mentally ill and transferred to a mental hospital in Arizona. From there, she ran six times, but each time she caught. For the seventh time she was finally able to leave not caught, and then she got to San Francisco, where he got a job with living in a wealthy family. She was able to work there for six and a half years and only then was caught again. After spending 2 more in the hospital, she was set free. She died in 1998 aged 93 years. Photos of 1931.

alcoprohibition34 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

34. Detectives and an expert in fingerprint study the murder weapon.

alcoprohibition35 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

35. Detectives in the classroom on fire. 1935

alcoprohibition36 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

36. Branch Bank of America after the robbery. 1932

alcoprohibition37 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

37. Police Captain inspects the piano in the house of Paul Wright, where he shot his wife and best friend. After his arrest, Wright explained that he found his wife and his best friend hugging on a bench in front of a piano, and then lost his mind, pulled out a gun and killed them both. Thanks to the clever lawyer, the court found Wright’s insane, after which he was released. Killing two people he had neither the day nor sat in jail. 1937

alcoprohibition38 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

38. A police officer poses with tsirkachke. 1935

alcoprohibition39 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

39. Accused in double murder of Albert Dower poses during fingerprinting. His victims included two schoolgirls whose bodies he then threw in a landfill in a suburb of Los Angeles. 1937

alcoprohibition40 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

40. 22-year-old former Marine Nelson Bower shows the detectives where he had hidden the body of his 42-year-old wife, whom he killed with dumbbells, because she refused to give him a divorce. 1937

alcoprohibition41 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

41. The house where he remained millionaire William Gettla. He was kidnapped from his own home during a party dedicated to new home after the police received a letter demanding ransom. After five days Gettl was released during a special operation to transfer the money. Before the house label with a price-per-view scene. 1934.

alcoprohibition42 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

42. Sergent police with physical evidence in a murder case in which fingerprints were found. 1927

alcoprohibition43 Los Angeles: "Prohibition" Time

43. The ringleader of a gang of Jewish Philadelphia, promoter of boxing matches and bootlegger Mac Hoff, nicknamed “Boo-boo.”


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