Portrait Editing Tips for Making Any Portrait Pop

If you want to make your images look glorious and beautiful, follow these 13 easy and useful Photoshop and Lightroom portrait editing tips for you to use for outdoor and studio photos. Make your photos pop and vivid in several clicks.

Tip #1 – Regulate White Balance

Adjusting the white balance is necessary to avoid the unnatural, yellow look of the skin. However, note that each light source has a different color temperature, so take this factor into account while doing portrait editing.

Tip #2 – Make Eyes Bright and Beautiful

On the web, there are plenty of portrait editing tips, but nevertheless, many photographers only sharpen the model’s eyes. Still, you mustn’t forget about other photo manipulations. Having decided to brighten the eyes, lighten the place opposite the catch light, otherwise, you risk getting a very unnatural result. White the eyes white and make them clear without red capillaries.

Tip #3 – Correct Skin Tones

There are many reasons why the color of facial skin can differ from the skin of the body. Therefore, first of all, analyze the model’s skin tone and then start learning how to smoothen skin naturally without a “doll” look.

Tip #4 – Make Teeth Naturally White

Sometimes lighting effects and shadows may change the color of teeth to yellow or grey in an unwanted way, so you should make it pure white in Lightroom. But not overdo, I recommend using Lightroom presets to adjust the teeth color in several clicks.

Tip #5 – Do Wrinkles Smoothing

Use the Healing Brush Tool to remove unnecessary wrinkles near the model’s eyes, lips or forehead. Choose a Brush Size that is slightly larger than the wrinkle. Also, I recommend selecting the “Lighten” Mode. It helps make photoshopping natural.

Tip #6 – Add Shine & Volume to Hair

Retouching portraits, you should focus not only on the model’s face but also on the hair. Adding volume (Healing Brush) and shine to the hair (Spot Healing Brush) is the right way to enhance your images, making them more allure. Remove stray hair from the background and add more hair using Clone Stamp.

Tip #7 – Do Makeup Retouching

Makeup is necessary in order to emphasize not only the beauty of the face but also its individual parts, for example, the eyes. Fix lashes, make them volume, make full brows, make Smoking Eyes. Apply a Hard Round Brush to paint red/pink/velvet lipstick on a New Layer set to Linear Burn. To have a realistic look, make the edges darker.

Tip #8 – Make a Movie Look

Dodge & Burn is a local lightening and darkening of separate areas of the photo to enhance the image quality, eliminate individual flaws and uneven pigmentation of the skin. It makes a so-called film effect.

Tip #9 – Make Photo Monochrome

Use black & white image conversion if you want to focus on the main subject of the photo. It helps to correct shadows and lighting defects.

Tip #10 – Retouch Reflections

Various glare and reflections can quite severely spoil the image. Such defects are sometimes complicated to fix. To speed up the photo retouching, take additional pictures of the model without reflective accessories, such as glasses and use them as the basis.

Tip #11 – Make Skin Look Natural

One of the most common problems in portraiture photography is the shining skin that gives the image artificial look. On the web, you can find a lot of photo editing tips and tricks on how to eliminate, or at least to reduce the shiny spots of the face.

Tip #12 – Use Magic Tool

Healing Brush is a useful tool for amateur photo retouchers. It is designed primarily to eliminate image defects, remove small objects, birthmarks, freckles, acne and other small details from the portrait with a minimum effort.

Tip #13 – Outsource Photo Editing

If you have difficulties with portrait retouching, or if you are too busy for that, address portrait photo retouching services, such as, that will do everything professionally and quickly within 2 days, from 2$ to 10$ per photo.

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