Poetry weather by Cristophe Jacrot

Unlike most people who are hiding from the rain under umbrellas and rooftops, French photographer Cristophe Jacrot  uses the bad weather for creativity. “I like rain, snow, and other manifestations of” bad weather “for what they evoke in me the desire to dream and romance.”
His photographs, paintings and emotional force to look at the nasty element differently, seeing the beauty and mystique. In a series of Christoph Jacrot captured the rainy Hong Kong, Paris and New York.

Cristophe Jacrot01 Cristophe Jacrot02 Cristophe Jacrot03 Cristophe Jacrot04 Cristophe Jacrot05 Cristophe Jacrot06 Cristophe Jacrot07 Cristophe Jacrot08 Cristophe Jacrot09 Cristophe Jacrot10 Cristophe Jacrot11 Cristophe Jacrot12 Cristophe Jacrot13 Cristophe Jacrot14 Cristophe Jacrot15 Cristophe Jacrot16 Cristophe Jacrot17 Cristophe Jacrot18 Cristophe Jacrot19 Cristophe Jacrot20 Cristophe Jacrot21 Cristophe Jacrot22 Cristophe Jacrot23 Cristophe Jacrot24 Cristophe Jacrot25

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