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Beautiful Proposals for a Planned Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge In London

The Wandsworth Council in London is currently holding a design competition for a planned pedestrian and bicycle bridge that will span the Thames between Nine Elms and Pimlico. So far the competition has attracted 87 design proposals, many of which are strikingly ambitious, even bizarre. While the designs themselves are remarkable, the competition seeks to select the best team of designers and engineers, rather than the final bridge design. The winning team will be selected in July.

Of course, you can’t go too wild. The envisaged capital funding would be around 40 million of Queen’s own pound (around $60 million). So the designers shouldn’t go too crazy, but, as you can see from some of the projects, they still do. A few even think that straight line from A to B is an affront to good taste and are trying to make the route longer via various curving designs.

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Warm illustrations by Elina Ellis

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