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Long Exposure Foggy Tree Photography by Pierre Pellegrini

Long Exposure Foggy Tree Photography by Pierre Pellegrini.

Swiss photographer Pierre Pellegrini shoots some phenomenal long-exposure photographs of trees. The strong perspective and foggy atmosphere seemingly ever-present in his work creates images that are both beautiful and eerie.

His ‘Thoughts in Time’  photo series is a collection of long exposure pictures of trees, most often bare and surrounded by fog. The name of the series was chosen because time is the key factor in long exposure photography, and to Pierre, every picture contains not only the image itself, but also all the thoughts that he had time to ponder over between each frame.

After having gone in for architectural design, I realized my dream becoming a physical education teacher. During my professional development, I applied myself to photography. For me, photography represents a wonderful mean to communicate and, at the same time, to give the viewers the chance to feel emotions. I am not quite sure if it‘s me who is looking for the themes or if it‘s the themes themselves who are looking for me. Yet, whenever such an encounter happens, a picture arises, perfectly in syntony with myself and with my personality.

You can see hundreds more of his images over on Art Limited and on his personal website.

Long Exposure Foggy Tree Photography by Pierre Pellegrini:

Pierre Pellegrini 00 Pierre Pellegrini 01 Pierre Pellegrini 02 Pierre Pellegrini 03 Pierre Pellegrini 04 Pierre Pellegrini 05 Pierre Pellegrini 06 Pierre Pellegrini 07 Pierre Pellegrini 08 Pierre Pellegrini 11 Pierre Pellegrini 12

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