The Photographer Took a Dog from a Shelter and Drove Across America

Saving Maddie from the orphanage photographer Theron Humphrey worth $ 40. Theron hesitated to choose it. However, when he led the dog back to the kennel, she always huddled at his feet, and he thought: “My God, I can not leave her in the cell.” Since then, they have become inseparable friends and have visited all the states of America.

At Maddy has an unusual ability – at attention, it can freeze, while in the most unusual poses. It easily picks up the phone payphone, trying a variety of masks and clothes climbs on fences and posing like a model was born.

Looking at these pictures, Photo Vide once again convinced that traveling is much more fun and interesting when near you loyal friend.

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The Photographer Took a Dog from a Shelter and Drove Across America:

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