Photographer Nina Leen

Russian-born Nina Leen was one of the first female photographers to shoot for LIFE magazine, which, fortunately for us, means there’s a ton of her work available on the Google LIFE photo archives. While mostly known for her work with animals (including a dog named Lucky that she adopted and apparently put hats on), it’s Leen’s photographs of women that I find most fascinating.

Nina-Leen-01Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-02Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-03Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-04Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-05Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-06Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-07Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-08Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-09Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-10Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-11Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-12Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-13Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-14Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-15Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-16Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-17Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-18Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-19Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-20Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-21Photographer Nina Leen Nina-Leen-22Photographer Nina Leen

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