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People and Animals Photos of Olga Barantseva

Photographer Olga Barantseva was born and raised in Moscow, but since childhood she has often been to nature surrounded by animals in the village with her grandmother. Her love for fairy tales has evolved into her magical world, where her atmosphere reigns, the harmony of which she tries to convey in her photographs.

Olga will remove from 2007, mostly photo shoots with animals and creative portraits, her works are published around the world in magazines and newspapers. Among other Daily Mail, The Times, New York Post, Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Metro.

A frequent hero of Olga’s photo shoots is the bear Stepan, who grew up in captivity, because the mother was still very small, the couple picked up the baby and took care of him. The bear cub has grown and turned into a huge bear, but he remained kind and never harmed anyone. Stepan never tried meat, so the owners believe that it is unlikely that a predator will suddenly wake up.

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