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Parks of strange entertainments for those who are even cheerful

Some theme parks serve as a clear proof that life is much funnier and more surprising than any invented anecdote.

BonBon Land , Denmark

At first glance – an ordinary park with attractions and playgrounds. But, having looked narrowly, you find out that the local fairy-tale heroes are mumbling mice, pissing dogs, lascivious cows and other creatures far from any “mimi”. Visitors swirl on flies escaping from a fly swatter, on the top of a chain carousel there is a turtle that has clearly rocked, and the trailers of the roller-coaster are famously rolling down a bunch of dog excrements under the appropriate soundtrack. The owner of the park is confectioner Michael Spang, famous for sweets “Dog Bunch”, “Recorded Diaper”, “Chaic Litter”, “Earwax”, “Big Tits” – and yes, Danish parents are very happy to buy it for their children. And they consider the park an excellent place for family holidays.

Jeju Loveland , South Korea

One of the main attractions of the resort South Korean island of Jeju is a real pornodendyle. 140 sculptures portray a diverse love betting people with all the anatomical details, theaters show films of the appropriate content, the cafe serves exciting dishes, and souvenir shops are real sex shops. The most amazing thing is that the park is built exclusively for educational purposes: to educate modest Korean newlyweds, whose marriages are traditionally concluded by the parents’ decision – it is assumed that young people will acquire here the necessary knowledge and inspiration to implement them in practice. Please pass it to Misoulina.

Soviet Bunker , Lithuania

In the underground bunker 25 km from Vilnius, the Soviet Union was recreated in its most striking manifestations – for those who were tortured by nostalgia or curiosity. Two kinds of excursions are offered – cheerful and extreme. In the first case, you are expected to visit the recreated Lenin room with visual agitation, a store, a dentist’s office, a school, a typical Soviet apartment and the first KGB department, and at the end of the program – a feast with vodka and lard and communist songs. The second option is for those who are strong in spirit and inclined to masochism: “The survival drama” offers three hours to be in the shoes of a Soviet dissident with all the interrogations, searches, punitive isolators, logging and baling.

Holy Land Experience , USA

The park, whose construction cost $ 15 million, is dedicated to biblical events – and compared to this Christian disneyland, even the jokes of the writers of the “Dogma” about the idea of ​​”Religion – wow!” Seem like a sad Sunday sermon. Biblical stories here are embodied in the form of theatrical representations of the Broadway scope with pyrotechnic special effects and laser shows. There is a copy of Jerusalem with an area of ​​111 square meters. M, a scale model of the Temple Mount, Herod’s palace, the tomb of Christ – and Golgotha, of course. The crucifixion takes place every day at exactly 12:15 – just before lunch: the bloodied Jesus drags a cross through the whole park and cries with a cry for the applause of the audience.

Haw Par Villa, Singapore

The park was built in 1937 by two Chinese brothers, the inventors of the famous “Tiger Balm” – to raise sales and generalize the Chinese culture in Singapore. There are a hundred and a hundred dioramas and more than a thousand individual sculptures depicting scenes and heroes of Chinese folk folklore and history. Figures are crooked, absurdly colored and generally look like Salvador Dali’s bad dream – especially when you stumble upon a crab with a female head, monkeys with pioneer horns, a tea of ​​a deer and a turtle chattering on the phone to a rat in a jacket or a woman breast-feeding an old woman. The nail of the program is the gallery of 10 circles of hell, where in all brutal details it is demonstrated what will happen to sinners in the next world: the figures are sawed, chopped, boiled in boiling oil, deprived of eyes and tongues, beaten with stone hammers, heated in blood and unless Only they do not pierce spiritual braces.

Details: 262 Pasir Panjang Road, open from 9-00 to 19-00, admission is free

Diggerland , England

The park is a dream come true for a boy of any age, including a pre-retirement, here it is naturally given to drive on a dump truck, steer a tractor, dig a bulldozer and ride in a bucket of an excavator. In the arsenal – all heavy construction equipment from mini-excavators to six-ton ​​diggers, and at the end of the day the instructors arrange demonstrations, during which the machines waltz and show acrobatic stunts. The first Diggerland opened in Kent in 2000, now the parks are already four, the fifth is on the way, another one under license was opened in the States – and this is just the beginning.

Dickens World , England

The theme park, dedicated to the works of Dickens, reproduces the good old Victorian world in which the heroes of the great writer lived, suffered and died. Here you can, for example, make an exciting cruise on the London canal, filled with stench and richer rats, walk through the slums among the peeling walls, rickety roofs and gutters, listen to how they flogged children at school, to visit the haunted house and in the debt hole. And children can hang out on the playground Fagin’s Den, stylized as a stash of underage thieves.

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