Amazing Paper Sculptures, Paper Elegies by Nick Georgiou

Amazing Paper Sculptures, Paper Elegies by Nick Georgiou

Tucson-based artist Nick Georgiou, latest exhibition Paper Elegies is a entire body of work comprised almost entirely of printed paper. Using pieces formed mostly from local newspapers to construct the sculptures.

Inspired by the death of the printed word, Georgiou, transforms discarded books and newspapers found on the street into sculpture, offering new possibilities in a digital world.

With lively works, Nick Georgiou’s mixed media constructions breathe new life into old print. Georgiou selects, cuts, arranges, molds, and stacks brightly colored paper to create the illusion of a three dimensional sculpture on a 2-D surface. Then with a light-heart and and a deft hand, he articulates his concern about the consequences of our addiction to the barrage of infotainment messages perpetrated by the iPad and 24-hour cable news. His boundless enthusiasm helps us appreciate the fact that books offer up another way of organizing and understanding our world.

Constructed using mostly local newspapers from his area, his work is an appreciation of a literary medium that is considered to be a relic of the past as the digital world continues to take over. Check out his work below, and as always, let us know what you think?

Amazing Paper Sculptures, Paper Elegies by Nick Georgiou:

Paper Elegies 01 Paper Elegies 02 Paper Elegies 03 Paper Elegies 04 Paper Elegies 05 Paper Elegies 06 Paper Elegies 07 Paper Elegies 08 Paper Elegies 09 Paper Elegies 10 Paper Elegies 11 Paper Elegies 12 Paper Elegies 13

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