Incredibly Realistic 3D Papercraft Birds by Johan Scherft

Artist from the Netherlands Johan Scherft creates real masterpieces of the paper. At age 14, he made the first realistic models of birds of plain paper, color them in the most ordinary pencils. As a result of his work said the board of directors of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where he entered without any problems. Today, he works freelance artist, creating oil paintings of animals and landscapes, as well as paper models of frogs, fish and boat. But one of his most memorable works – birds.

birds1-incredibly-realistic-3d-papercraft-birds-by-johan-scherft birds2-incredibly-realistic-3d-papercraft-birds-by-johan-scherft birds3-incredibly-realistic-3d-papercraft-birds-by-johan-scherft birds4-incredibly-realistic-3d-papercraft-birds-by-johan-scherft birds5-incredibly-realistic-3d-papercraft-birds-by-johan-scherft birds6-incredibly-realistic-3d-papercraft-birds-by-johan-scherft birds7-incredibly-realistic-3d-papercraft-birds-by-johan-scherft

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