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Palms Casino: Paradise in the City of Sin

The one luxury that offer visitors hotels in Las Vegas, not even dreamed of heroes program “Cribs” on MTV. Among the hotels in the city of sin is not possible not to allocate Palms Casino – a place where all your worries will be left behind.

The resort Palms Casino are restaurants, hotels, bars, spas and, of course, the casino, so you just do not get bored here. Almost every room you will find a plasma TV, a lot of drinks and free Wi-fi. And what more do you need visitors to Las Vegas, a city of entertainment and fun? Some people believe that the resettlement of one number on average was spent as many as 10 million, because it’s hard to imagine how much the construction cost grandiose Palms Casino. By the way, the opening of the casino-hotel on the 15th of November 2011. This event has become a grand celebration: a huge crowd of people waiting for a chic reception and headliners in the face of Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton.

The most expensive room hotel owned by the legendary Hugh Hefner, founder of the popular magazine Playboy. Over night in the two-story apartment with a swimming pool and a personal butler will have to pay 40 thousand dollars. By the way, the number is still Hefner and second place in the list of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world according to CNN. The cheapest room at the Palms Casino costs just $ 99 per night, so spend the night in this hotel and will be able to ordinary people, but, of course, without the privileges of multimillionaires.

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