Paintings on long exposure by Alexandra Pacula

Works by Alexandra Pacula – it is not smeared pictures, but oil paintings on canvas.

Works by Brooklyn artist Alexandra Pakula may seem blurry and corrupted photos taken at night at slow shutter speeds without a tripod. And then they will seem boring, well, except that the abstract bright. But the fact of the matter is that it is not at all photos: Alexandra – a talented artist, and these pictures are from a series Blurry Night City painted in oils on canvas.

She depicts the paintings of the “world of visual intoxication,” which, in her own words, it is most clearly reflected in the life of the city at night, when the sunlight is replaced lights promotional displays, signs, lights, garlands, car headlights and windows of high-rise buildings. The life of the big city beckons, mesmerizing, hypnotic, like a light bulb moths and other insects. Man enters this night world – and dissolved in it, absorbed in these bright lights and flashes.

Alexandra Pacula01 Alexandra Pacula02 Alexandra Pacula03 Alexandra Pacula04 Alexandra Pacula05 Alexandra Pacula06 Alexandra Pacula07 Alexandra Pacula08 Alexandra Pacula09 Alexandra Pacula10 Alexandra Pacula11 Alexandra Pacula12 Alexandra Pacula13 Alexandra Pacula14 Alexandra Pacula15 Alexandra Pacula16 Alexandra Pacula17 Alexandra Pacula18