The best package of Norway

AlexDesign, Video

Mail service, which is increasingly seems strange to us a relic of the past, can give a vivid emotions, impress and even make a person happy. If you think of how, of course.

The Norwegian post office understands this and wanted to tell people about it. To touch up on their emotional and romantic ideas, touching on actions involving letters, cards, parcels and packages. The movie “The best parcel of Norway” – an intriguing story about the strange boxes that sends a girl to her lover, who lives in the house next door. What are they and why – see for yourself.

It is planned that will come out of such a series of commercials about the wonderful emotions that can give post.

Agency: Einar Film

Directed by: Morten Tyldum

Producer: Guri Neby / Axle Jermstad

Installation: Thomas Trællnes / Shortcut Norway

Music: Imagine Dragons – On top of the world


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