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Over Canada and Greenland, the Kingdom of Snow and Ice

Fly over Canada, Greenland and the Arctic Ocean, take a look at the kingdom of snow and ice.

1. Thule Air Base in northern Greenland. It is the northernmost US air base, while in 1118 km north of the Arctic Circle and in 1524 km from the North Pole. (Photo by Mario Tama):

2. Bunny. (Photo by Mario Tama):

3. snowstorm on the way to the air base of Thule in northern Greenland. From here we fly. (Photo by Mario Tama):

4. House. You would not want to live here? (Photo by Mario Tama):

5. The research aircraft will fly on it from the air base on 24 March 2017. (Photo by Mario Tama):

6. Fly in the north-west coast of Greenland. Severe place here, but beautiful. (Photo by Mario Tama):

7. Berg locked in ice. Greenland ice sheet – the second largest ice sheet the world after the Antarctic. (Photo by Mario Tama):

8. At the bottom of Baffin Bay – Sea of ​​the Arctic Ocean, bordering the sea Labrador and the Atlantic Ocean washes the western coast of Greenland. The length of the sea from north to south is 1130 km. Most of the year navigation is not possible due to the large number of icebergs. (Photo by Mario Tama):

9. (Photo by Mario Tama):

10. We fly over the most northern Canadian island of Ellesmere. To the east of the island is the border of Canada to Greenland. On the island we have repeatedly found traces of prehistoric animals. (Photo by Mario Tama):

11. The area of ​​Ellesmere Island is 196,236 square kilometers, is the third largest island in Canada and the tenth in the world. The landscape of the island is dominated by three parts – snow field, bare rocks and glaciers. About a third of the surface is covered by glaciers. (Photo by Mario Tama):

12. The ice on Baffin Bay vaguely reminiscent of something white skin of an elephant. In 1585, English explorer Dzhon Devis became the first European who visited the waters of Baffin Sea. (Photo by Mario Tama):

13. Coast from Baffin Bay. (Photo by Mario Tama):

14. The kingdom of endless ice and snow. (Photo by Mario Tama):

15. Baffin Bay, 27 March 2017. Greenland – near the east. (Photo by Mario Tama):

16. Fly. (Photo by Mario Tama):

17. Glacier in the Upper Baffin Bay, 27 March 2017. (Photo by Mario Tama):

18. Sea ice. (Photo by Mario Tama):

19. Snow and ice on Ellesmere Island, Canada. (Photo by Mario Tama):

20. The view from an airplane window. (Photo by Mario Tama):

21. Ellesmere Island, Canada, March 30, 2017. Winter on the island is very cold, the temperature can drop to -50 ° C. In the summer months the temperature rarely exceeds +7 ° C. (Photo by Mario Tama):

22. Snow and Glacier. (Photo by Mario Tama):

23. Glacier on Ellesmere Island, Canada March 29, 2017. (Photo by Mario Tama):

24. Plot the ice field and mountains. At the same time, our flight came to an end over the kingdom of snow and ice. (Photo by Mario Tama):

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