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Oru Kayak: Bag that Turns into a Boat

Probably every traveler, hitting the shore of scenic lake, wanted to swim for it on the boat. An enterprising fan kayak from California came up with an ingenious solution to this problem – Oru Kayak. He invented the 12-foot boat that can be folded into a small plastic bag. Transportation issues while completely disappear, because this bag can be carried anywhere, even on the shoulder, not to mention the transport of boats in a compact car, train, bike.

1-oru-kayak-bag-that-turns-into-a-boat 2-oru-kayak-bag-that-turns-into-a-boat 3-oru-kayak-bag-that-turns-into-a-boat 4-oru-kayak-bag-that-turns-into-a-boat 5-oru-kayak-bag-that-turns-into-a-boat 6-oru-kayak-bag-that-turns-into-a-boat

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