Olga Ageeva: “Photographer should try hard not to grow up”


Photographer Olga Ageeva surprisingly gets a picture of her childhood from outside as an observer, but from the inside: it seems that the photographer shares fantasies, dreams, joy, sadness of his characters, and does not look at them from the position of an adult. Olga’s works were repeatedly noted at competitions, and more recently she became the winner of the international competition of children’s photography The B & W Child Photography. About itself the photographer has told to our magazine.

About myself

I am an economist by profession, I work in my specialty, photography is my hobby. My life, my husband, my children, our animals and in general all who live in and out of the house – the world around me is alive and moving. It’s all familiar, but with its character, and I really like it. It’s hard to say which images, angles or themes I prefer; A glance, and then the camera can catch on to the sunbeam on the daughters’ hair, behind the shadow touching the child’s nose, or behind the bright dress, which suddenly the light went off successfully; It could just be a smile or a tear …
I started to take pictures at school – I shot my classmates Papa Zenit, I printed pictures myself. Then there was a long break, and then by chance, the photo again entered my life in 2012-2013, since then it’s already dense.
I studied everything mostly independently: I read books, something my father suggested. I always study, communicating with other photographers, very much I got acquaintance and communication with Mikhail Aleksandrovich Rogozin; In 2015 I came to the “Marusin workshop” and believe that I was at the right time in the right place.

Olga Ageeva: "Photographer should try hard not to grow up"

About genre

Most of all I like to photograph people, especially children. And, by the way, I do not practice commercial photography.

Olga Ageeva: "Photographer should try hard not to grow up"

About the criteria for a good photo

A good photo – one that could stop the look, surprised, made laugh, burst into tears, struck with color or shape. I want to return to her again.

Olga Ageeva: "Photographer should try hard not to grow up"

About inspiration

I find inspiration in children; They are all different, grow so fast, and you really want to slow down their growth, in order to be in time, to stretch the pleasure. And I am inspired by painting, cinema, travel, nature, I like to watch the sea for a long time.

Olga Ageeva: "Photographer should try hard not to grow up"

About sincerity in photography

Photography is after all what I try to show to others, how I see or relate to something; It means that it is my sincerity and product, passed through me, my opinion, my attitude. I like to take off sensations, my attitude to the animate or inanimate characters of the frame.

Olga Ageeva: "Photographer should try hard not to grow up"

About vision

I think that it is possible and necessary to develop a vision, and in the process it will become clear whether you have something more from above, whether you are standing out among others, whether your vision is interesting to someone other than you; In any case it is a fascinating process.

Olga Ageeva: "Photographer should try hard not to grow up"

On public recognition

Apparently, for me it means something, otherwise I would just shoot “on the table.”

Olga Ageeva: "Photographer should try hard not to grow up"

About favorite photos

I think that I will not be able to name my favorite pictures: what I thought was a good shot yesterday may become completely ordinary tomorrow, and it’s more of a form. As for the content or the emotional component, all my works are dear to me, because they are practically all about my family.

Olga Ageeva: "Photographer should try hard not to grow up"

About victories in competitions

I’m curious, interesting, but it does not cause violent emotions; Full of rapture, or, in case of failure, I do not experience complete disappointment.

Olga Ageeva: "Photographer should try hard not to grow up"

About Technology

I have a digital camera from Canon, a film camera is Nikon, and it’s absolutely not related to any pluses or minuses of this or that manufacturer or my personal preferences, it just happened, it’s a matter of chance.

About the qualities necessary for a photographer

I think the photographer should look at the world with wide open eyes and try hard not to grow up.

Olga Ageeva: "Photographer should try hard not to grow up"

About Photo Masters

There are a lot of them, both classics and modern authors, and not necessarily working in the same genre in which I mostly take pictures.


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