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The Most Northern Surf School in the World

Surfing originated in ancient times in Polynesia. The first surfboards were very bulky and weighed about 70 kg.

Perhaps, in think that this sport is only in the southern countries, where the waves on the background of palm trees washed golden sand. But this is not the case. There exists more northern arctic Norwegian surfing. There we go to visit the most northerly in the world surfing school.

Water temperature – 5 degrees Celsius and the temperature – minus 2. The water is cold and a wetsuit is a must. Get used to ride in gidrike – business simple. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

3. In such a beautiful place here did not even go surfing ride, and just sit and meditate. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

4. In the northernmost school in the world of surfing, you can hire a personal trainer, and if there is no gear – rented. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

5. Evening surf at the tables near the water. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

6. The boards are of different sizes, depending on the riding level. In fact, the ride here and beginners and experienced surfers. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

7. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

8. To the left in the hot tub – the legendary Australian surfer, Tom Carroll. He got two league titles and became the first surfer, who earned a million dollars. Tom Carroll and his main rival Tommi Kerren (Tommy Curren) have become icons of the 80’s generation. The two men were able to bring surfing to the next level. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

9. Atlantic Ocean on March 12, 2017. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

10. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

11. Caught Nordic wave. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

12. A cold wave and rocks. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

13. It looks austere, very beautiful Norwegian Arctic surfing. (Photo: Olivier Morin):

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