Childhood Full of Wonder in Magic Noelle Mirabella Photography

For any parent children are a source of inspiration and for photographer – even more so. Family photo album is rife with images grubby, disheveled children who smear themselves with flour, jam, lose diapers halfway or bump into sobs at the sight unreachable sweets. “But it’s a wonderful time ever run,” – sadly thought once Noel Mirabella and decided to do a photo shoot for their children, which would not reflect everyday life, but the sense of wonder, the magic that happens only at the very beginning of life.

“I believe that childhood is full of wonder and beauty and parenthood is the ultimate definition of unconditional love. There is little in the world that is more magical than a child’s mind and nothing that brings with it more hope and magnificence than a new baby. My goal is to be able to capture all of the innocence and wonder that infants and children exude and all of the joy and beauty they bring to the world.”

Here pictures are so amazing, I feel like I cannot properly introduce her work, so just look at these beautiful images by Noelle Mirabella Photography and then read her interview below!

Childhood Full of Wonder in Magic Noelle Mirabella Photography:

noelle-mirabella-childhood-photography 01

noelle-mirabella-childhood-photography 02

noelle-mirabella-childhood-photography 03

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noelle-mirabella-childhood-photography 05

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Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get started in photography?
I am a mother to three amazing children. I have a master’s degree in psychology and I am planning on eventually specializing in postpartum psychology. I never intended to become a photographer. Photography found me. Four-and-a-half years ago, I lost my daughter, Ava Maria. She was stillborn. When Ava died, a part of me died with her. I was completely overcome with the most soul-crushing, unbearable sorrow. The world became a very dark place. I was working on my master’s at the time and I had to take a six-month leave of absence. During that time, I decided to sign up for a basic photography course at our local college. I just wanted to force myself to get out and look for beauty and light in the world again. Photography quickly became my therapy.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I think the better question would be, “where don’t I find inspiration?” I find the most inspiration in my children. I love the innocence with which they view the world and the light that they bring into to it. I find inspiration in the peaceful contentment of their faces when they dream their sweet dreams… I find inspiration in the unconditional nature of a mother’s love…. In a genuine smile… In vulnerability and sadness… I could go on and on.

Who are your favorite photographers and why?

The first photographer that ever caused my jaw to drop was not actually a photographer. He was a journalist that took the portrait titled, “Afghan Girl” for National Geographic. Steve’s work is captivating and his portrait of the Afghan girl remains one of my favorite portraits of all time. Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York) is also high on my list; I love what his work represents and I truly believe that it is changing the world. Finally, Anne Kerr (Anja Photography) and Leah Robinson (Leah Robinson Photography) are also at the top of my list. They are kind and they believe in empowering other photographers to make the art they wish to make. They also both happen to do stunning work.

Any advice you can give our readers?

Do what makes your heart sing. Not for the money. Not for the likes or the recognition. Do it because you feel inspired. Do it because it gets you excited. Try not to allow fear to keep you inside of your comfort zone. Put yourself out there and do what is important and meaningful to you. If you are passionate about your photography, it will show in your work.

You can check out Noelle Mirabella Photography here.

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