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Fog Stunning Waves by Photographer Nick Steinberg

Nicholas Steinberg is an award winning published photographer residing in the San Francisco Bay area focusing on dramatic landscapes and everything else that strikes his eye.. The last eight years, he regularly checks the weather, always on time to be ready to capture this particular atmosphere in San Francisco. “We even have a small group of about 20” tumanogolikov “, – says the photographer. – We inform each other as soon as we see that it appears. ”

The fog is so intense during the summer months that the pictures in the Gulf region (including near the Golden Gate Bridge) is impossible. The coastline at this time is completely hidden in the mist, so you can only shoot from a high point, says Nick. One of the best places for this purpose – Mount Tamalpais. Climbing on it, you feel on top of the world when you look at the bottom of the floating mist, resembling ocean waves.

Experimenting with the shutter speed, Steinberg learned to freeze motion or increase flow, blurring and smoothing it. The photographer says that no post-processing, he does not. It’s all photos “of the camera.” However, when shooting, he uses neutral density filters.

Nick Steinberg says that if you set the shutter speed is too long, the image turns into mush, and if too short, the picture will be too textured. Shooting mist requires observation, a lot of patience and preparation. But the result is photos like a dream.

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